“I am a Painter, not “also” a Painter” cit. Piero Giovecchi

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Piero Giovecchi is the Venetian painter who portrays the effects live more vibrant landscape of art and history, fixing them with incomparable harmony of colors on the canvas.

The interpretations of Venice, accompanied by the vibrant personality of the artist, wherever they linger to portray the most convenient locations of the Veneto.

We have noticed in Treviso on the shores of Cagnan, to the ancient mill wheel, or on the banks of the Sile, or the most picturesque corners of the old town, to paint, with the sure hand of the teacher, the characteristic buildings with mullioned windows and harmonious by buttresses of incomparable beauty.

The strong personality of the artist is expressed in the work from which emerges the deep spirituality of the painter Giovecchi.

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On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Piero Giovecchi (Polesine Mogliano Veneto 1913-1989) the city of Mogliano Veneto is organizing an exhibition of the best works of the painter.


From December 21, 2013 all’6 January 2014 at the lobby of the city hall of Mogliano Veneto from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 12.00, Tuesday and Thursday from 15.00 to 17.30. Admission is free.

Contact us for more information.


“Piero Giovecchi, a Venetian who our lovely Venice reproduces a painting of his own (you say a lot, these days!), Far from cloying in many ways…”
G. Cucchetti, Osservatore Romano
“The lagoon city, in his lesser-known aspects, is expressed mainly by light and color, made without any mannerism, but with sure hand fast and solid, substantial palette, decandata and punished…”
B. Bondi, Il Resto del Carlino
“Venice giovecchi who sees with the eyes of the Venetians is the Venice of today, with its rituals, its stones dripping wet, her sadness a little ‘decadent yet so evocative and moving”
G. Sanna, Corriere degli artisti