Giovecchi Piero was born in Fratta Polisine in 1913, he attended the school of Fine Arts in Venice where he does most of his artistic activity that will continue to Treviso and then Mogliano where he died in 1989.

Piero Giovecchi is the Venetian painter who portrays the effects live more vibrant landscape of art and history, fixing them with incomparable harmony of colors, tela.La on his emerging personality is expressed in works which stands out from its deep spirituality, the His conception of the whole unfolds according to a personal vision and autonomous, with a chromatic characteristic that refers to the Venetian tradition.

In his work the prevailing light, flickering in a painting often violent contrasts of light and shade that dominate the designs, but at the same time rich in reflections and transparencies that give harmony to the whole painting. What the author has ever heard is to paint a balance of volume, projection space capturing the spirit of things and leaving it frozen in time giving us unique feeling nostalgic, remember that thanks to him flourished again in the heart of those who have the pleasure of observing the his works.

The interpretations of Venice, accompanied by the vibrant personality of the artist, wherever they linger to portray the most convenient locations of the Veneto. We have noticed in Treviso on the shores of Cagnan, to the ancient mill wheel, or on the banks of the Sile, or the most picturesque corners of the old town, to paint, with the sure hand of the teacher, the characteristic buildings with mullioned windows and harmonious by buttresses of incomparable beauty.

The works on this site are all from a private collection.

The exhibition in Mogliano Veneto is just the beginning of a traveling tour that wants to bring the works in places so dear to the painter and abroad.

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“The Venice of Giovecchi, stripped by that feeling of affection that almost always is accompanied with a simple aesthetic pleasure, are sized” substantially “in the solidalità cvolore treated with an air of extremely safe and” formally “in the construction pagination happy that grants quite to the taste of the raw material that the giovo effect. The results, then, are imposed in terms of positive values ​​and align Giovecchi among the most authentic and genuine lyrical poetry of a Venetian who is still in the interests of many artists”
G. Gigli , Minosse
“What I really feel is Giovecchi painting in his artistic intrinsecità in its size, in its light and shade, the balance of volumes and projected space. He has managed to capture the soul of things, sinking into an essence of past, stopping the trappings imperishable in anthologies of purity, content and form … we can talk about Giovecchi only observing his works, because they appuntoda comes pre intimate and happy expression of the artist”
O. Ribelli, Scena illustrata – Roma
“The so-called modern and contemporary painting lagoon remain outside of the assumption of Giovecchi which, always in the suggestion of the Watch, was held on the sidelines by” Chiaristi “or individuality of each group, also coming to an expression of art of our time”
F. Castellani,