1° Prize and Gold medal President of the Republic – Lido of Rome

1° Prize and Gold medal Biennial Roman

1° Prize Gold Bruschetta – Canino (Viterbo)

1° Prize and Golden Palms – Prize ”Ariccia” – Rome II Prize and Gold medal ”Terme Luigiane” (Cosenza)

2° Prize an Gold medal Arsoli – Rome 2° prize and  Gold medal ”Maggio Arquatese” – Rovigo

Prize and Gold medal ”Prize Fregene” – Rome

Prize and  Gold medal ”Ca d’Oro” – Venice

Prize and Gold medal ”Prize Panorama” – Chieti

Prize and Cup ”Sindaco di Rosà” – (Vicenza)

Prize and Cup ”Rocca di Papa” – Rome

Gold medal of Accademy ”Ettore Tito” of Venice

Silver medal and diploma of honor of the Belgian (Liegi) International Center of art and also numerous other awards academy ”Ettore Tito” of Venice

Eco di Mogliano (articolo di Otello Cegolon)

“In his oils remains faithful to figurative vein, where it affects the very example that impressionistic, however, in the case that interests us, is quite personal ways of manifestation”
Vice, Il Gazzettino di Venezia
“One of Venice’s interpretations are always made but with a new spirit of this painter who was able to break free to speak with his voice, and did so with a passion that is expressed in each work, solved with clever writing tones”
M. Alzetta, La voce di San Marco
“He was able to fit in among that group of painters who can still say something of value, including those who will know, we are sure, to restore the splendor which Venetian art and history remembers that today, unfortunately, seemed to have no several heirs”
M. Missaglia, Italturismo