Piero Giovecchi Cortina07
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Piero Giovecchi 50x70 Acquerello

                              Mogliano Veneto

                     Other Paintings

“Piero Giovecchi his works are assembled using a chromatic characteristic that recalls the ancient Venetian school, but with a view of the whole that unfolds according to a personal vision and autonomous.
Modern painter in style, does not shy away from some preciousness coloristic to give more light to the whole composition”
E. Buda, La Vernice
“The feeling you get before stopping in front of his message is to be involved in the forest of his emotions, vibrating like eromie roride, juicy and darting like fish rebels. Kinematic is also the sign that describes dark and strong-willed and hammering with balance, coherence and style”
T. Ronchi, Avvenire d'Italia
“It is in the execution that this artist stands out, with a personality all its own and vibrant. His visions are dominated by light, often violent contrasts of light and shade, but contributes to the harmony of all the wonderful pictorial liquidity of water, all reflections and transparencies.”
L. F., Il Gazzettino di Vicenza